MASO Strategic, a leader in lobbying, proudly announces a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sikimic Marine Services DOO, established on May 10, 2024. This groundbreaking partnership is set to significantly enhance MASO Strategic’s influence in the maritime industry by integrating the core strengths of both companies to deliver pioneering consulting services.

Under the MoU, MASO Strategic is dedicated to providing Sikimic Marine Services with customized strategies and expert solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of the maritime sector. “This collaboration marks a transformative step for our firm, combining our deep industry expertise with Sikimic’s robust operational capabilities,” stated Managing Director Maria Athanasiou, Representative for MASO Strategic.

The alliance is strategically planned to encompass comprehensive analysis, strategic planning, and meticulous project management to ensure successful and measurable outcomes. Furthermore, it prioritizes a mutual commitment to data security, active stakeholder engagement, and the establishment of a transparent feedback loop to foster continuous improvement.

This partnership not only aims to innovate but also to sustain long-term success through shared knowledge and strategic execution, setting a new standard for collaboration in the industry.

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