In celebration of its official launch in Greece starting March 1st, MASO Strategic hosted a celebratory dinner for distinguished personalities within the shipping industry at the historic Athenian Club. Following eight months of successful operations in Cyprus, MASO Strategic expands its presence to Athens, marking the beginning of significant collaborations within the maritime sector.

Set against the backdrop of the majestic Acropolis and showcasing the tradition highlighted by the impressive 9th Floor of the Athenian Club, Managing Directors of shipping companies, General Directors of Ministries, directors of maritime magazines and websites, as well as notable friends of the maritime industry, had the opportunity to indulge in Athenian Club’s dishes, in an unexpected “gastronomic narrative” of modern Greek cuisine and fine dining.

During their welcome address, MASO Strategic owners Maria Athanasiou and Sotiris Papadopoulos emphasized the contribution of shipping to Greece’s international image, while highlighting the importance of lobbying and how the company can support this sector. They also introduced the Head of MASO Athens, Ioannis Michalitsis, who spoke about the visionary approach of MASO Strategic’s creators.

Among the guests were Dr. Ioannis Patiniotis, Founder of Dr Truth says; Dimitris Tzortzios, Director of PYLI – NET; Konstantinos Agrapidis, General Director of Labor Relations at the Ministry of Labor of Greece; and Dionysis Politis, Owner of Maritime Economies. The dinner was sponsored by PYLI – NET and Dr Truth Says, with Maritime Economies being a supporter.

MASO Strategic is a results-oriented lobbying company. The primary objective of the company is to assist organizations, companies, and governments in improving their performance, solving specific problems, and achieving their strategic goals in the areas of International Affairs, Public Affairs, Crisis Consulting, Finance Consulting, Business Development, and Public Relations.

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